Soto Zen, meditation
in Sheffield


Compassion is aroused when we realise we are one with all life. It runs deeper than just fellow-feeling and kindness towards others. It is what binds us into the very fabric of the world: the natural expression of our non-separateness.

When we are touched by the infinite compassion that is the foundation of all existence, the desire to help all beings arises naturally. Compassion is our fundamental nature though it is often overlaid by our self-centred desires, fears or indifference.

Buddha Nature

We can all learn to meditate because we all have the Buddha Nature, even though it may be buried under much confusion. All beings are Buddhas and should be respected as such, whatever manner of life they may be in .

In the Serene Reflection Meditation School one can follow the Way as a lay person or as a monk.We use the term 'monk' for women as well as men, since there is complete spiritual and functional equality within our Order.

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